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  • The efficient management of all requests from clients.

  • Addressed the issue of missed messages and shortening the waiting time for a response.

  • Classification of notifications.

  • The implementation of the Mint Service Desk system improved the service provided to clients.

  • The system enabled the tracking and monitoring of incoming reports.

  • Intuitive notification management made it possible to combine similar notifications in order to ensure quick response and problem solving.

Mike Walter, director of Pre-Sales and Professional Services at Blue Cloud Solutions, gave us an interview in which he talked about the implementation of the Mint Service Desk system for managing requests and resources into the structures of his organization.

Tell us more about yourself and your company Blue Cloud Solutions.

I am a Pre-Sales and Professional Services Director at Blue Cloud Solutions. We are a cloud based hosted call center supplier. We supply cloud contact centers to customers and we are collecting data for customer services.

Blue Cloud Solutions, as part of Puretel company, was founded in 2013 and initially focused on providing connectivity and VOIP services to small and medium-sized enterprises. With more than 26 years experience in Enterprise Voice environments, our mission from day one was to provide a reliable, flexible and cost-effective solution to our customers. The business has been transformed with additional services and partners that were brought on board to extend our services. Our focus is to provide our customers with a cost-effective reliable communication solution.  

What IT challanges did you face before implementing Mint Service Desk?

The biggest challenge for our company was the efficient management of all requests from our clients. Sometimes it happened that we received such a large number of e-mails and tickets that we could not return to our clients with a quick response as we did not have the ability to manage them automatically. Therefore, I needed a solution that would allow for efficient tracking and monitoring of notifications that we receive.

How has the implementation of Mint Service Desk helped your company and which Mint Service Desk functionalities are most useful to you?

The implementation of the Mint Service Desk system to Blue Cloud Solutions has certainly helped us improve the scope of the service we provide to our clients. An additional advantage is certainly the possibility of logging into the system by our customers, who can follow the progress of our work, and have access to the entire conversation within a specific ticket. Automatic identification of IT resources in the organization and immediate access to complete, accurate and up-to-date data at any time are a great functionalities.

What's more, intuitive ticket management allows us to easily link similar reports to ensure faster response and problem resolution. My customers are definitely seeing a big but positive turn around as I am getting a very good feedback from them.

How would you rate the cooperation with our Mint Service Desk team?

Working with your team is fantastic. Whenever I encountered any issue, I got a quick reply with a solution. At first, we had a problem installing the system. I did not understand exactly how to do it, but the people responsible for supporting the implementation of Mint Service Desk dealt with this situation promptly, which was really admirable.

According to you, what are the advantages of our system?

Honestly I looked and investigated a large number of other solutions and found nothing that even comes close to MintSD, there are just so many features and options available on the system that suit my business. I was looking for a system where customers could log in themselves to track and manage their requests, and that's what the Mint Service Desk software provided me with.

I strongly believe that the implementation of Mint Service Desk contributed to a drastic improvement of my service delivery to my clients.

How would you describe Mint Service Desk in a few words?

Flexible, easy-to use and effective.

Would you recommend Mint Service Desk system to other clients?

I would definitely recommend Mint Service Desk to other companies that are looking for an automated and flexible helpdesk. My experience with this software is more than positive!

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