What are the benefits of implementing a Whistleblower system?

15.12.2021 15:14
What are the benefits of implementing a Whistleblower system?

Abuses and irregularities occurring inside enterprises have a negative impact on the employer and the operation of the entire organization. The introduction of Whistleblowers and a breach reporting system brings a number of benefits.

What are the challenges of implementing a whistleblowing system in a company?

The challenges faced by employers in relation to the entry into force of the Act on Whistleblower Protection can be divided into formal and employee-related challenges. The former are related to the design and implementation of an appropriate procedure in such a way that it meets all the requirements contained in the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU), ensures the protection of whistleblowers and the confidentiality of information and reports provided by them. Employees, on the other hand, refer to building a positive attitude among employees towards the new procedure and the Whistleblowers themselves. The employer should make sure that reporting irregularities is not associated with informing and a manifestation of disloyalty to colleagues, but with acting for the benefit of the entire organization. It is also important to ensure the anonymity of those who report concerns and to take them seriously. Meeting these requirements brings a lot of benefits, both for the employer and the company.

What are the benefits for employers of implementing a whistleblower protection system?

The entry into force of the Directive and the Act on the Protection of Whistleblowers is primarily intended to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism. Thanks to the implementation of an appropriate system for reporting infringements, the entrepreneur achieves a number of measurable benefits.

Most importantly, the employer has the ability to detect irregularities or omissions at an early stage, which enables the efficient and effective application of corrective actions. In this way, potential financial and moral losses are minimized.

The first stage of whistleblowing, an internal channel, ensures that the report is investigated and the problem resolved within the organization, without damaging the external reputation and without informing central or public authorities.

The implementation of the whistleblowing system also acts in a preventive and warning manner against potential infringers. People who would like to commit illegal activities must take into account the risk of exposure. Due to this, many people will take into consideration before deciding to break the law.

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Building an ethical culture in the workplace as a key to success

The use of an appropriate and well-functioning whistleblowing system strengthens employees' trust in the employer, enhances their loyalty and promotes integrity. Importantly, it also helps to eliminate from the organization people who are acting to the detriment of the company. . A great success of the company is the creation of such a culture in the workplace in which informing superiors about theft, mobbing or fraud is considered a commendable procedure. The existence of procedures for reporting irregularities in the organization is one of the elements of building an ethical image of the company.

How does the Whistleblower system help in achieving measurable benefits?

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