Why Whistleblower


Our software is based on well-known ITSM software created by Mint Service Desk, which was modified to perform accordingly. This guarantees that the software effective.


Whistleblower provides anonymity to the person reporting breaches of EU law, in the company, and guarantees company data security.

Legal Requirements

Our solution meets all legal requirements and complies with the provisions of the directive of the European Parliament and Council (EU).


A quick and effective implementation of the system and support provided throughout, by a team of qualified experts.

Key Features

Full anonymity

One of the safest solutions on the market, offers full anonymity to individuals reporting breaches of EU law as well as the protection of sensitive data.

Dedicated notifications

Contains a personalizable interface to a company’s requirements.

Report log

Reports and communication history can be reviewed easily and safely at any time.

Notification recording and management

An efficient system suited for reporting and managing notifications. Create new reports quickly and intuitively and manage them effectively.

Contextual forms

The system provides the option of contextual forms that are used to collect information relevant to the reported issue.

Unique ticket numer

The system provides the ability to generate a unique whistleblower number.

Access to the notification

The system provides access to the submitted notification using the generated ticket for report verifiers and access to the ticket number and password for Whistleblowers.

Ticket moderation

The system enables advanced search, printing and reporting of all notifications.


The system provides the option of supplementing the reports by adding comments for both the Whistleblower and the verifier.


The system allows to attach attachments to the notifications in the form of various formats files.

What is Whistleblower?

Whistleblower is a safe and unique tool whose purpose is to gather reports from whistleblowers in the company. This software answers the needs of the market. Whistleblower meets all legal requirements and complies with the provisions of the directive of the European Parliament and Council (EU).
It is a personalized system and can be tailored to your company's needs. Whistleblower is a complete and efficient used to report irregularities in a safe and easy way.
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Who is a "Whistleblower"?

A Whistleblower is an individual who informs the correct entity of a person engaging in unlawful or immoral activity in the company.

Does "Whistleblower" meet the legal requirements?

Yes, Whistleblower meets all legal requirements and complies with the provisions of the directive of the European Parliament and Council (EU).

What is the duration of the contract?

In standard from 12 to 24 months, but a tailored offer can be made to fit your needs.

Who does the directive apply to?

The directive applies to companies which employ at least 50 individuals and up. This applies to the public and private sector.

IT support

With the continuous development and digitization of the economy, the requirements of enterprises increase. Our team relies on professional consultancy in the field of IT innovation and tools that support the improvement of processes through their automation.

We deal with business and system analyzes that are necessary to identify problems and irregularities. Due to their assessment, we are able to put forth new tools and systems that will contribute to the development of our contractors' businesses and improve the management of their resources. We create optimal solutions based on personalized functionalities, tailored to the needs of customers.

Our goal is to provide the best systems that will increase the development of enterprises, improve their operation and management. We purvey consultations with IT experts who make every effort to ensure that the implementation of our tools is carried out in the fastest and most effective way.

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