What is the best system to manage Whistleblower reports?

27.7.2022 21:16
The best system to manage Whistleblower reports

The entry into force of the Directive on the protection of Whistleblowers obliged employers to create an internal channel for managing reports. Organizations subject to the provisions of the Act faced the challenge of implementing the best system for managing Whistleblower reports. Which tool to choose? Which software is the best solution?

Obligations of employers regarding Whistleblowers.

Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council is intended to regulate the protection of people who report violations in an organization. Under it, employers are required to comply with a number of guidelines. Their main responsibilities include:

- Ensuring the protection of the confidentiality of the identities of Whistleblowers and persons concerned by the report.

- Creation of procedures and regulations concerning the proceedings from the moment of accepting the notification to the end of the case.

- Analyzing and verifying the truthfulness of notifications.

- Systematic record keeping of all notifications received.

- Providing employees with the best system for managing Whistleblower reports.

- Applying of investigations and internal investigations upon notification.

- To know and comply with all the provisions of the Whistleblower Protection Directive.

- Constant communication with the person reporting the problem, including informing them about the progress in resolving the problem.

What to consider when choosing the most effective tool to handle Whistleblower reports?

The new draft legislation on the protection of Whistleblowers, which appeared at the beginning of April 2022, provides for the electronic channel as the main and best internal channel for receiving reports. It is certainly the safest and the simplest form of informing employers about problems that people witnessed directly or indirectly. A system such as Whistleblower has been created not only for companies, and organizations, but also for public administration entities, law firms, and accounting offices. Below are the most important features that the best Whistleblower reporting system should have:

- Security and confidentiality of personal data achieved due to the option of data encryption.

- Full compliance with the requirements of the Whistleblower Directive, including ensuring safety, accessibility, and intuitive operation.

- Option to create a notification using the appropriate categories that apply to all sectors where Whistleblowers are protected by the Directive.

- Anti-spam protection that effectively verifies reports and protects the system against automated bot attacks.

- Efficient service of multi-threaded communication channels, including e-mail, Facebook, Customer Portal, and many others.

Summing up, when deciding on the choice of a system, employers should first of all pay attention to whether it has all the above-mentioned features. An example of software that not only includes the most important functions, but also many more possibilities, such as tracking the notification time, the option of configuring the interface for individual needs, a personalized notification panel is a Whistleblower.

Which whistleblower reporting system is the best choice?

The system for people reporting violations, such as a Whistleblower, is an internal channel for signaling negative, undesirable, and illegal situations that have occurred in the workplace. The software is based on a preconfigured version of the well-known Mint Service Desk ticket management platform. Due to this, employers can be sure that the system is proven, effective, and based on the latest information technologies. Moreover, the tool meets all legal requirements and is in line with the decisions of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. Thanks, among others protection of the confidentiality of the identity, dedicated types of reports, registration of notifications, and access to the full history of communication, Whistleblower is the best system for managing reports.