About Us

Get to know us

We’re Mint Service Desk

Mint Service Desk is a product we’ve been hard at work on for several years. Our company, OPGK Rzeszow S.A.was founded in 2011 and since then we have grown in size and now employ over 120 staff members.

Our mission?
To create a product that helps you to start enjoying your service deskBetween us we have over 20 years experience in the ITSM world. We come from different roles and various locations and we’reproud of our people and what we do every day.

We’re not here to change the world
We don’t like to make bold, exaggerated claims. We just do what we do (and we do it well).

We care about our people
We value all of our workers. We look for talent. Nothing more, nothing less.

We like to question
We know that we can always improve. We encourage questions, we want debate, we like to hear new ideas.

We don’t want to be sheep
We’ve got nothing against them, we just don’t want to be them. Instead, we want to break the mold, try new things, beoutstanding!

We value honesty and fairness
With each other, with our clients, with everyone we deal with. Ultimately, we want to treat every individual we meet with thekind of honesty and fairness that we’d expect ourselves.