About Us

Few things ABOUT us

Walking upstream.

We are located in Rzeszow, Poland. Our Company is called OPGK Rzeszow S.A. Mint Service Desk (TM) is a product on which we've been working hard for several years. Our company counts currently 120 souls. We come from different fields and different locations but values we share are common.

We don't want to change the world.
(Because we are not another ultra cool start up).

We care who we hire.
Our goal is to find best available talents. You won't get an extra credit for anything else but your knowledge and skills.

We question.
There's no one who knows everything. It's always good to ask, question and propose alternatives.

We try to be the best in this what we do.
It's difficult but it's something what we are after.

We never follow the crowd.
It's simple. Following the crowd is boring.

We are honest.
Being simply fair to others is something what makes us humans.... we guess?