Quickly and efficiently manage all tickets in one system

Mint Service Desk is a comprehensive tool designed for efficient ticket management, quick problem solving, providing the best support and access to an extensive knowledge base. Prioritize tickets, supervise the statuses, create queues and stay in constant contact with your Clients.

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Smoothly resolve any case

Do you have problems with your IT assets? Does your computer need a security update? Do you need help with setup? MintSD is a helpdesk that will help you solve all problems as well as track and respond to tickets in an organized manner.

Provide a single point of contact for your Clients so that they always know that they can rely on comprehensive IT service. Thanks to the Mint Service Desk, customers can use the self-service portal and contact technical support directly. What's more, in the case of typical tickets, they have the possibility to use the knowledge base and find a solution to the problem themselves.

Provide your teams with a fully personalized and complex Helpdesk

Create reports based on notifications, assets, and users. Mint Service Desk allows you to moderate attributes, edit and sort the list of existing reports by their creation date, and define filters to group protocols.

Helpdesk integrates all information about tickets, problems, and tasks into one platform. Each Agent assigned to a given ticket has immediate access to the entire history of the case, holds the ability to track SLA, set statuses, and attach documentation to the conversation.

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"Great System"
What do you like best about Mint Service Desk?

It is a great system to start, if you need a powerful, easy and simple service desk and asset management, MINT is the one. It also handles more features like SLA and full ITSM. It is very easy to communicate with customers having all communication in their chat view.

What do you dislike about Mint Service Desk?

Nothing! It was awsome, I really think is perfect for beginners.

What problems is Mint Service Desk solving and how is that benefiting you?

My work now is easier, we can organice and control everything!

Tamara V.
Customer Relationship & Digital Marketing Senior Manager
"Fast reaction upon issues."
What do you like best about Mint Service Desk?

Mint's Service Desk, has allowed my organization to easily and quickly respond to user's requests and issues, has improved communication through the organization and allowed for a better issue tracking.nse

What do you dislike about Mint Service Desk?

so far nothing, the functionality has helped us to keep good track of pretty much any departamental need.

What problems is Mint Service Desk solving and how is that benefiting you?

missing information in our systems, VPN conectivity problems, hardware issues, etc.

Emmanuel L.
Senior T&L / Manufacturing

We interviewed Alex Webb, Palletline Lead Infrastructure Specialist to find out more about the implementation of Mint Service Desk system in his company.

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