• Managing multiple helpdesks across the organization tailored for different business roles.​
  • Previous helpdesks were running on outdated platforms with limited support from the vendors.​
  • Helpdesks becoming unreliable and not fit for use.


  • Mint Service Desk was implemented as the central platform, serving as a "One-stop shop" within the organization. Through integrations with internal systems, all processes previously distributed across various systems were consolidated into one unified platform.

What IT challenges did you face before implementing Mint Service Desk?

Before using Mint Service Desk, Palletline was running multiple helpdesks across the organization for different business roles. It became hard work for the IT Service Desk to manage not only the updates but also software-wise and content. The previous helpdesks were running on outdated platforms and there was no major support from the vendors. That resulted in the helpdesks becoming unreliable and unusable.

How has the implementation of Mint Service Desk helped your company and which Mint Service Desk functionalities are most useful to you?

Mint Service Desk is a comprehensive system that combines Ticket Management, Asset Management, and Helpdesk functionalities. Therefore, thanks to the implementation of Mint Service Desk, it was possible to combine the functionalities of all previously used systems to better manage and become a "One stop shop" of information with the Knowledge Base. It also allowed end-users to reach out for support to the relevant departments under one portal compared to the two previously used.

How would you rate the cooperation with our Mint Service Desk team?

The cooperation with Mint Service Desk team has been fantastic from the initial discussions about the platform to the rollout and constant, complex support.

According to you, what are the advantages of our system?

The biggest advantages of MintSD system for Palletline are:

  • Great knowledge of the system from the technical team and Account Managers.
  • The ease of migrating from one system to another.
  • The way system is reliable and never has any issues.
  • The link to Azure AD for easier management of the IT service team.
  • The knowledge portal is easy to add and update information as needed.

Would you recommend the Mint Service Desk system to other Clients?

Yes, 100%! Since implementing Mint Service Desk our end-users and support teams are enjoying using a Helpdesk platform again to manage all their tickets in one system.