What is an SLA and why is it necessary for ticket management systems?

What is an SLA and why is it necessary for ticket management systems?

The best systems for handling incidents provide a number of functionalities, from ticket management through personalization of the interface to the requirements of the organization. Advanced SLA is one of the key functions that greatly functionalities communication between people reporting a problem and Agents working on solving them. What exactly is an SLA and why is it necessary for ticket management systems?

What is an SLA?

SLA, or Service LevelAgreement, means exactly an agreement on a guaranteed level of serviceprovision. It is a document that specifies the minimum level of service, scopeand technical parameters of the service offered. The record should include the problems reported, the service start and end dates, the time spent resolving the problem, and a description of how to monitor progress. The effectiveness of SLAs results from the accuracy of the records and the detailed determination of business processes, which must be formulated in a transparent and measurable manner. It is important to indicate the parameters that will be monitored andthen reported to the customer. The person responsible for contact and solving the problem is in this case the Agent.

Mint Service Desk is the system for managing tickets with advanced SLA function. This software is enriched with the option of flexible configuration of reminders, which helps to limit the situations in which the notification is not fulfilled due to the Agent's oversight. Thus, the system facilitates work and minimizes the occurrence of possible penalties resultingfrom failure to comply with the concluded contract.

SLA in Cloud

SLA in Cloud is a way to ensure uninterrupted system operation. The benefits of this type of functionin ticket management systems include:

- easy implementation,

- fast and hassle-free access,

- saving money,

- guaranteed and timely delivery, maintenance and management of IT services,

- competitive advantage due to the reduction of long service times,

- reliability, in case the server fails, the hosted services are transferred to each available server.

Mint Service Desksoftware offers SLA in Cloud, which will certainly increase efficiency and profitability.

Why is SLA necessary for ticket management systems?

Organizations that have reliable systems enriched with SLA functionality, such as the Mint ServiceDesk software, are perceived as more credible and reliable in the eyes of customers. What's more, the presence of the SLA function improves the work of technical departments so that situations in which there are delays or failure to meet the service delivery time included in the contract do not occur.

The Mint Service Desk system guarantees advanced SLA,which means that the customer can configure parameters on his own and has access to information such as:

- ticket age,

- service duration estimation,

- escalation time within which the Agent must respond to a new request,

- defined parameters,

- reminder of the upcoming service end date.

Due to the SLA function in the Mint Service Desk system, the Customer Service Department receives information about the elapsing time allocated to the execution of the requestand responding to new messages, and is able to prioritize tasks even in the case of a very large number of notifications. Therefore, customers can be sure that their application will be reliably considered within the set time limit.

In addition, the Mint Service Desk system can be set to send notifications to people with a specific role or to all people assigned to a selected queue. A useful function is also the "Calendar" option, which allows you to change not only the hours, but also the start and end days of the service. At any time, service recipients can also introduce changes to the already existing main service or create the so-called sub-services.

What's more, the advanced SLA not only counts the overall time, but also allows you to limit the Agent's resolution of the problem in the event of the end of the working day or the occurrence of public holidays.

Undeniably, SLA is an indispensable function of ticketing systems, as it affects the positive image of the company and guarantees security for service recipients. Test the Mint Service Desk system for handling incidents today!

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