Asset Management and CMDB

Asset management, cmdb

Main Features

CMDB vs Asset Management? Need to learn more? Read our article about it.
Schema Creator

Create asset categories and attach them to the dynamic attributes. Store any information you like.

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Asset - User

It's possible to assign an asset to a specific user.

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Advanced Search

Search your assets like never before. Define multiple options, ranges, and criteria to find right records.

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Define multiple options, ranges, and criteriato enhance your dynamic attributes.

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Thanks to its flexible structure it's quite straight forward to use Mint Service Desk AM for CMDB purposes.

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Asset - Ticket

It's all about Chat., no matter what kind ofcommunication channel is on the back.

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Define asset data structure

Schema Creator

Define your own categories of assets. Define your own attributes. Decide if they should be searchable and assign them to certain roles.

assign assets to users

Asset - User Relation

It's possible to assign an individual asset to the Customer or Agent.

Simple & Powerful


Build advanced relations between assets thanks to built in functionality on linking records in certain categories together.

manage your configuration items


It's possible to use the Asset Management module as the base for CMDB. Thanks to Schema Creator you can build your own data structure. Once you start using Service Desk - attaching certain Configuration Items to the tickets is simple and intuitive.

need itsm? it's simple with mint service desk.

Asset - Ticket Relation

If you or your Customer want to point at the specific asset - it's simple to attach it to any ticket.