Effectively manage all complaints in one system

The system has been designed for companies that receive and deal with incoming complaints. The software is fully adapted to managing tickets from customers who would like to return the purchased product. We believe that an efficient and quick response to tickets is the key to user satisfaction.

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Complaint Management

A complete Complaint Management process helps you achieve two goals:

Customer satisfaction

Efficient and effective management of complaints is aimed at minimizing the level of customer dissatisfaction, providing a satisfactory solution to the existing problem, and strengthening loyalty to the company. MintSD system allows you to assign complaints to appropriate queues, which go directly to Agents, due to which customers can be sure that their reports will be considered by appropriate specialists in the shortest possible time.

Quality assurance

Customer opinions are a very important aspect influencing the improvement and improvement of the quality of the products and services offered. MintSD system allows you to build a knowledge base containing solutions to frequently recurring problems. Due to this, they can be quickly identified and an efficient solution that helps company employees save the time needed for responses.

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"Great System"
What do you like best about Mint Service Desk?

It is a great system to start, if you need a powerful, easy and simple service desk and asset management, MINT is the one. It also handles more features like SLA and full ITSM. It is very easy to communicate with customers having all communication in their chat view.

What do you dislike about Mint Service Desk?

Nothing! It was awsome, I really think is perfect for beginners.

What problems is Mint Service Desk solving and how is that benefiting you?

My work now is easier, we can organice and control everything!

Tamara V.
Customer Relationship & Digital Marketing Senior Manager
"Fast reaction upon issues."
What do you like best about Mint Service Desk?

Mint's Service Desk, has allowed my organization to easily and quickly respond to user's requests and issues, has improved communication through the organization and allowed for a better issue tracking.nse

What do you dislike about Mint Service Desk?

so far nothing, the functionality has helped us to keep good track of pretty much any departamental need.

What problems is Mint Service Desk solving and how is that benefiting you?

missing information in our systems, VPN conectivity problems, hardware issues, etc.

Emmanuel L.
Senior T&L / Manufacturing

We interviewed Alex Webb, Palletline Lead Infrastructure Specialist to find out more about the implementation of Mint Service Desk system in his company.

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