Complaint Management

Manage all complaints in one system!

mint service desk

The system has been designed for companies that receive and deal with incoming complaints. The software is fully adapted to managing tickets from customers who would like to return the purchased product. We believe that an efficient and quick response to tickets is the key to user satisfaction.

A complete complaint management process helps you achieve two goals:

Customer satisfaction

Efficient and effective management of complaints is aimed at minimizing the level of customer dissatisfaction, providing a satisfactory solution to the existing problem, and strengthening loyalty to the company. MintSD system allows you to assign complaints to appropriate queues, which go directly to Agents, due to which customers can be sure that their reports will be considered by appropriate specialists in the shortest possible time.

Quality assurance

Customer opinions are a very important aspect influencing the improvement and improvement of the quality of the products and services offered. MintSD system allows you to build a knowledge base containing solutions to frequently recurring problems. Due to this, they can be quickly identified and an efficient solution that helps company employees save the time needed for responses.

What features does Mint Service Desk have?

Responsive design

of the user’s panel


Intuitive interface

Custom fields


e-mail complaint

between complaints

Why is it worth investing in Mint Service Desk?

The best and most convenient solution both for Agents dealing with complaints and for end customers who report them.

We provide business owners with a comprehensive tool for registering, handling, and managing all complaints.

The intuitive interface allows you to manage complaints in accordance with the rights granted.

The unique RMA number allows you to efficiently search for a given complaint, its handling, management and solution.

The system formalizes and improves the circulation of documents used in the complaint process.

The possibility of tracking complaints in real time and constant access to information about the queue in which the application is located.


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It is a safe and unique tool whose purpose is to gather reports from whistleblowers in the company. Whistleblower meets all legal requirements and complies with the provisions of the EU directive.