Mint Service Desk will take part in The Service Desk & IT Support Show in London

Mint Service Desk will take part in The Service Desk & IT Support Show in London

The Service Desk & IT Support Show will take place on May 11-12, 2022 at the ExCeL exhibition and conference center in London. The event will be attended by a delegation of specialists from OPGK Software, presenting its flagship product, which is the Mint Service Desk notification system.

What is The Service Desk & IT Support Show?

This event gives the opportunity to meet leading ITSM suppliers and promising start-ups, due to which companies have the opportunity to discover the latest tools and systems. The event also provides participation in a free educational program, under which speakers and experts in their field will discuss ITSM-related topics. Attendees will have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, ITIL, Enterprise Service Management, and much more. The event will be attended by over 60 ITSM companies, and one of them will be OPGK Software with the Mint Service Desk.

What will the educational program cover?

The educational program will include speeches by speakers and experts in the field of ITSM and it will be the only free event of this type in Europe. On May 11, on the first day, participants of the event will be able to take part in education programme on the following topics, delivered by the following specialists:

1. "Stop improving bad process and start delivering value " by Tony Denford.

2. "The reality of Service Management automation "by Greg Charman.

3. "Experience Management: How to use it to improve service to your employees " by Neville Hughes and Mark Bewick.

4. "Remote work, everywhere, all the time – How has the pandemic affected the service and support function? " by Tom Bridge, Aaron Nihat.

5. "ESM: Meet the innovators" by Patrick Bolger.

6. "Uninterrupted IT: How to be unstoppable with your service management” by Simon Johnson.

7. "SIAM implementation tips from the front line" by Steve Morgan.

8. "Value Stream Management and the future of ITSM" by Stephen Walters.

9. "Building the perfect Change Management process" by Richard Josey.

10. "The future of AI and Machine Learning in Service Management" by Cees Bos.

11. "7 practical tips for getting started with Experience Management" by Sami Kallio and Mark Butcher.

12. "Putting the Ops back in DevOps" by Rob Akershoek.

13. "Mapping your Technical Architecture – the positive impact on Service Management" by Johnny Stansfield and Steven Piercy.

14. "5 things you need to know right now!” by David Wright.

15. "Development ideas journey – Flow from ideas to operation" by Paula Maattanen.

16. "Simplicity as a Service in the age of IoT" by Lars Martzareth and Simone Rothmund.

17. "How to stop getting automation wrong" by Kelvin Tegelaar.

18. "Get more value out of CMDB by understanding your services" by Milla Kuosmanen.

On the second day, the following topics will be discussed:

1. „The service delivery excellence matrix for IT and business service delivery teams” by Ashwin Ram.

2. "Why Service Optimisation is vital for your vision" by Alexis Mackie and Andy Walsh.

3. "Being wrong is great" by Annemarie Wolfrat.

4. "Designing a great self-service (or plagiarism is a good thing)" by Steven Parker.

5. "Build a smarter, modern Service Desk experience" by Satty Virdi.

6. "No more heroes: Transforming Incident Management" by Gary Ford.

7. "Is Service Automation the future of ITSM?” by Hila Lamm.

8. "Realising service cost and performance reporting with zero monthly effort" by Andy Richardson.

9. "Techniques for the data-driven service desk" by James Stanger.

10. "The problem with problems" by Robert Howe.

11. „Resilience – The new imperative for Service Management” by Dean Clayton.

12. "Service Desk x.0 – Getting ready for the NEXT normal" by Dr. Hendrik Witt.

13. " Build your CMDB (while AI does the heavy-lifting!)” by Aaron Perrot.

We are glad that our Mint Service Desk team will have the opportunity to participate in such an interesting event. All of you who will be present at the event in London are invited to our stand for a meeting with Mint Service Desk specialists!

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