ITSM Software Data Safety

ITSM Software Data Safety

Data Safety and Consistency for Mint Service Desk Cloud Cloud

1. Hosting

Mint Service Desk Cloud is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), a leading provider of internet hosting. AWS servers are located in various regions to ensure high availability and redundancy, and they comply with multiple security standards including ISO 27001, SSAE-16, and SOC 2. European customers are assigned to European data storage centers.

2. Security of Financial Transactions

Your account is protected by a password for security. You are responsible for protecting your account by choosing a strong password and limiting access to your devices. Payment processing is outsourced to ensure safety, using secure servers and SSL technology for transaction security.

3. Passwords

All Mint Service Desk account passwords are protected with encryption. Our staff cannot access your passwords unless explicitly shared.

4. Backups and Infrastructure Security

We use triple encrypted data backups, DDoS protection, firewalls, and private IP addresses. Data is backed up regularly to prevent loss.

5. Data Encryption

Our data is encrypted.

6. Contractual Safeguards

We ensure appropriate security measures and contractual safeguards with all third-party providers. For more information, check our Data Processing Agreement.

7. Physical Security of Servers

Our data centers have 24/7 security, monitoring, and restricted access to authorized personnel only.

8. System Status and Disaster Recovery

We maintain a public history of system status and have a disaster recovery plan to ensure data recovery within a maximum of 6 hours in case of a full database breakdown.

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