What are the benefits of using Ticketing Management System?

What are the benefits of using Ticketing Management System?

The implementation of a comprehensive IT tool for handling incidents is the key to the success of the internal work organization of enterprises and service of external customers. What are the measurable benefits of using this type of software?

What is the Ticket Management System?

The system for handling incidents, also known as the ticket system, is a tool that allows you to register and track requests. Professional service of potential customers is the key to the success of most companies. The satisfaction of future contractors who obtained a quick and reliable answer to their inquiries translates into a positive image of the entire company. Each time a new topic is submitted, the system creates a ticket, which is a virtual document containing all the relevant data concerning both the reporting person and the subject of the report itself. The ticket is usually accompanied by information such as:

- exact date of notification,

- date of commencement of remedial actions,

- questions that appeared in a given thread,

- history of all communication with the reporting person,

- possible redirections to other departments or employees,

- time to solve the case.

Ticketing Management System is also a very useful tool in the employer-employee relationship. With its help, the boss or manager has the ability to track the progress of the work of his subordinates, because employees, by commencing the tasks entrusted to them, give the appropriate statuses of their work progress.

Mint Service Desk for handling incidents is an ideal tool not only for people from the logistics, trade, and insurance industries, but also for all employees in the customer support department who manage incoming tickets.

What functionalities should a good Ticketing Management System provide?

Firts of all, the goals of implementing ticket systems in enterprises are optimization of time and money invested as well as systematization of work, due to which companies can be sure that no notification will be missed in one of the numerous reporting channels. Any good software for handling incidents should have a number of important functionalities, which include:

- Incident management - is a key aspect due to which problem solving is carried out in a standardized manner. It is also important to adapt the panel to individual needs and the option of collecting and filtering reports from various channels.

- Asset management - due to a flexible structure, the ticket system allows you to store any categories of data, which significantly affects the quality of ticket service.

- Standardization - receiving and resolving notifications should be carried out in a standardized manner. It is important that employees and clients have access to the history of their reports, know the start and end time of the case.

- Advanced SLA - necessary to prioritize tickets and avoid contract violations. SLA management is based on organizational parameters such as response time and notifying customers about progress.

- Custom forms - a system that allows all categories of tickets to be assigned additional, predefined fields is crucial for gathering the necessary information. A good system for handling incidents should be able to generate documents with the use of custom fields.

- Knowledge base - typical applications can be solved efficiently, among others due to appropriate knowledge management in the organization.

- Report monitoring - monitoring the implementation of individual service requests together with response times and the possible escalation path helps to improve the handling incidents.

Mint Service Desk is a system that has all of the above-mentioned functionalities. Learn more about the features of the certified ITSM Ticketing System.

What are the advantages of the Ticketing System?

The positive impact of the implementation of the ticketing system can be considered from two perspectives: the organization of work within the company and in terms of communication with customers.

From the viewpoint of the company’s internal organization, the more employees and departments, the more complex the communication and schedule of activities. The system for handling incidents improves work, gives the possibility of prioritizing tasks, helps to control the operations of individual cells and track progress.

From the viewpoint of the company's communication with customers, the use of the system for handling incidents affects the positive image of the company, allows to significantly reduce expenses and prevents situations in which there is an omission or failure to respond within the prescribed period. The advantage of the ticket system, which is the Mint Service Desk, is the ability to segregate requests, automatically forward an active thread to the person responsible for a given problem and view the history of the conversation. In addition, the system provides access to a knowledge base, due to which customers receive immediate assistance in the case of typical incidents.

To sum up, ITSM class software ensures effective, professional and efficient customer service. Make an appointment with the Mint Service Desk team and provide your company with the best Ticketing Management System.

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