What are the differences between Service Desk and Helpdesk?

What are the differences between Service Desk and Helpdesk?

Efficient and effective operation in the field of IT services is the basis for the operation of most organizations. Due to the development of the IT sector and taking into account the complexity of services, technical support is essential for the proper functioning of enterprises. Lack of an appropriate and advanced management system results in lower customer and user satisfaction. In order to prevent this from happening, it is worth familiarizing yourself with terms such as Helpdesk and Service Desk.

What is Helpdesk?

Helpdesk concerns the implementation of simple services in the field of solving technical problems that are reported by users. It is a broader concept than Service Desk, so it can be a standalone solution or be part of a comprehensive technical support service.

The purpose of using the Helpdesk is to provide assistance as quickly as possible, solve problems and maintain a good relationship with customers. The benefits of implementing the Helpdesk in the structure of the organization are:

- quick and effective resolution of customer inquiries,

- the ability to track notifications and prioritize them,

- access to user opinions and a chance to improve the level of service.

The Helpdesk system is a comprehensive tool designed to handle requests that were delivered via e-mail boxes, integration with other systems (e.g. complaints from websites) or manually (through agents handling telephone calls). Mint Service Desk is a helpdesk that includes all the above-mentioned functionalities and much more!

What is Service Desk?

Service Desk covers a wide range of activities that include both technical aspects related to problem solving and the methodology of IT service management. What's more, it is also an organizational unit responsible for user technical support and continuous quality improvement. Having the appropriate Service Desk at their disposal, users have the ability to efficiently use support resources in the form of people and equipment, monitor the effectiveness of incident management and optimize the process. The main features of Service Desk are:

- effective management of notifications, which ensures quick and effective problem solving,

-effective management of IT resources in the organization,

- guaranteeing a contact point for the user, due to which the notification is carried out by one designated person, or in the event of an emergency, it is immediately transferred to a backup contact without prejudice to customer satisfaction,

- standardized classification of reports, which affects the efficient monitoring of the implementation of individual incidents along with response times and a possible escalation path,

- reporting to clients the results or progress regarding the status of reported issues.

Each of the above-mentioned functions and many more are provided by the certified ticketing system Mint Service Desk.

What is the difference between Service Desk and Helpdesk?

Although the two terms are often used interchangeably, there are several important differences between them:

- Helpdesk focuses on the end user, while Service Desk on broadly understood business and the achievement of business goals.

- Helpdesk uses IT components, while Service Desk is based on ITIL, i.e. a set of ITSM best practices.

- The Helpdesk is designed for quick problem solving, and the Service Desk is also used to maintain IT services throughout the organization.

- The Helpdesk is treated as an addition to the existing IT activities, while the Service Desk is the entire strategic movement of the organization.

- Helpdesk has limited time and resources and is therefore considered a subset of Service Desk.

Mint Service Desk is a system that includes both the features of comprehensive technical support service, as well as meets the Helpdesk assumptions. This certified ITSM system will allow you to efficiently and flexibly manage notifications and IT resources. Mint Service Desk will provide you with a technical support department and a service point, all in one software.

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