What is a Complaint Management System?

What is a Complaint Management System?

Inefficient service is one of the main reasons why customers give up brand services. A focus on improving this aspect should be a priority for most companies as it will prevent consumers from leaving the service and increase quality. An appropriate system for managing complaints enables efficient response and handling tickets on time.

What is a complaint?

In a world overwhelmed by excessive consumption, most customers have decided to make a complaint about the purchased goods at least once in their lives. In accordance with the law, the consumer may demand replacement of the goods or a refund of the amount in whole or in part if the condition of the product differs from the concluded purchase and sale agreement. Companies face a great challenge to receive, service, and respond to their clients' complaints in the best and fastest possible way. In this case, service desk systems, which are used to manage tickets and complaints, become an invaluable help.

Complaint management is a process of examining customer tickets, which should be carried out in a systematic and orderly manner. This practice is primarily aimed at minimizing consumer dissatisfaction with the purchased products, increasing service satisfaction, and ensuring quality. The complaint management system allows companies to respond to customer inquiries, provides support, and improves the handling of tickets at the appointed time.

What is the complaint management process?

Complaint managing consists of several steps that lead to solving the complaint and increasing customer satisfaction. The first step is to receive and register the complaint in the system. In Mint Service Desk, the request is created automatically, but the Agent can modify the details. The second stage is assigning the complaint to the appropriate queue and assigning a person who will be responsible for handling and resolving the complaint. The Agent's panel enables prioritization of complaints and has the option of estimating the time to respond to the Client. The last step is to resolve the complaint and close the ticket. The time tracking option allows you to divide complaints into those that are still open and unresolved, and whose service has been completed. By using a custom field you can add more detailed information to later, analyze different types of complaints. At the end of each application, reports are created that allow you to know the full history of the complaint and its status and contain all the details of the service.

Why is it worth choosing a service desk to manage complaints in your company?

Mint Service Desk was created for companies whose one of the tasks that make up customer service is efficient complaint management. The software facilitates the process of accepting and processing requests, which translates into overall customer satisfaction and improved quality. It is the best and most convenient solution both for Agents who deal with complaints and for end-users because they receive a specific response to their ticket. The advantages of a service desk in the context of complaint management are:

- Intuitive interface that allows you to manage complaints in accordance with the rights granted.

- An individual RMA number that allows you to efficiently search for a specific complaint.

- The possibility of formalizing and improving the circulation of documents used in the complaint process.

- SLA specifies how much time the Agent should spend on receiving, managing, and resolving the complaint.

To sum up, each, even the best product may not meet the expectations of customers. Companies should take this issue into account because it is an indispensable component of running a business. The goal of enterprises should be the best and fastest possible management of complaints, in such a way that customer satisfaction with the services offered is of the highest possible level. The best solution is to implement a service desk system in the organization's infrastructure, which has a user-friendly customer service, the ability to assign tickets to appropriate departments and set deadlines for responses to received complaints.

Mint Service Desk is an advanced system for managing ITSM complaints, which has several additional functionalities. Get to know the detailed offer and provide your company with the highest quality ticket management system.



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