Why is the ITSM type system the best solution for the logistics industry?

Why is the ITSM type system the best solution for the logistics industry?

The logistics industry is characterized by many complex processes that require supervision and an appropriate approach. The multifunctional ITSM system is a tool that responds to the numerous needs of logistics.

What is ITSM?

ITSM, or "Information Technology Service Management", is the management of IT services. It means an approach to IT management in an enterprise, and its goal is to understand and meet the needs of the end user. IT is a rapidly developing environment, whose aim is to provide services and solve service problems in the shortest possible time. The appropriate IT Service Management system supports IT management inside the company, including system design and process implementation, and also serves to increase employee productivity and facilitates analytics. A company that effectively uses ITSM is able to maximize its profits and reduce costs.

Mint Service Desk as an ideal ITSM type system

Mint Service Desk is a system that offers a number of communication channels for customers and end users. Its purpose is to facilitate and improve the application process and also conveniently gather information in one place. Thanks to our software, analysts are able to immediately assess and provide the best solutions for any problems that arise. Mint Service Desk offers two different offers for enterprises that will surely meet all requirements. Check out Mint Service Desk website and choose the best option for you!

Why is the ITSM type system the best solution for the logistics industry?

The logistics industry is characterized by many complex processes, which include: optimization of transport, handling and storage of wares, as well as contact with suppliers and legal sales services. Certainly, the multitude of stages and logistics processes that require supervision and an appropriate approach can significantly slow down the work if they are not properly managed.

The Mint Service Desk system of the ITSM type was created to improve the implementation of processes and organize activities. Thanks to the easy configuration, people from the logistics industry are able to handle many different suppliers and manage all contracts in one system. The multi-functionality of the software ensures control of resources within the company, simple and standardized communication with customers and suppliers, automatic identification of IT resources in the company and efficient monitoring of the implementation of individual requests.

Which functionalities of the ITSM system are most useful in the logistics industry?

Mint Service Desk is designed to provide teams from the logistics industry with everything they need to efficiently manage processes. The ITSM system offers logisticians such functionalities as:

  • Assets management

- the ability to store any categories of data,

- resource monitoring,

- enriched with flexible filters and an easy to-use search engine,

- optimization of ITSM processes using the CMDB database,

-possibility to link the ticket with the customer and resource at the company or single user level.  

  • Incident management

- the ability to adjust notifications so as to identify incidents and service requests as quickly as possible,

- a wide range of attributes that allow you to create unique forms for accurate and concise information gathering,

- the option of creating dictionaries for consistent registration of reports,

- creating intelligent queues based on the categorization of requests,

- live chat function.

  • SLAs

- advanced service management options and service level agreements.

  • Automation

- automatic identification of IT resources in the company,

- immediate access to complete and up-to-date data,

- possibility of automatic network discovery.

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What functionalities does the ITSM system provide?

ITSM supports the handling of key processes in the organization that increases the level of work of the IT sector. The key to success is structured communication with external and internal customers. Mint Service Desk helps to improve processes such as:

- Service Desk.

- Asset Management.

- Incident Management.

- Problem Management.

- Change Enablement.

- Service Request Management.

- Service Level Management.

- Service Catalog Management.

- Service Configuration Management.

- Knowledge Management.

What distinguishes Mint Service Desk from other systems?

Currently, most modern platforms are available only in the SaaS model, which is characterized by software sharing in the cloud. At first glance, this model seems interesting, but in the case of large-scale operations, the necessity to incur monthly costs becomes very onerous. Mint Service Desk is a certified ITSM system that can be downloaded and installed at any time. Additionally, it has a structured and easy-to-use user interface that can be easily modified and configured without the need for coding or programming. To learn more about Mint Service Desk and how its diverse capabilities can help your business, chceck out our certificated ITSM system.

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