Mint Service Desk 3.2.13

Mint Service Desk 3.2.13

We are pleased to present our new version, Mint Service Desk Enterprise 3.2.13. We are convinced that our customers will be very satisfied. Certainly, the new features and improvements will help them in their daily operations.


The following list shows all the changes since the last public version 3.2.9. Now you can see what has been added and improved.


- Enabling pasting list of emails after semicolon and comma.
- Presenting an expanded recent article in a ticket. The last non-technical long ticket will be better displayed.
- Restore original image sizes - ticket documents.
- Extension for image size detection.

- Setting the time to 00:00 in case you set the date and change to no time.

- Cannot delete custom field of type "pool".
- Error sorting on dashboard.
- Unnecessary request when changing pagination.
- Error while searching for an email account.
- Error during group restriction by services.
- Cuts service creation in contracts.
- Poorly visible mailbox captions when creating an email account.
- Login and Email values disappear from the user profile.


- A description column to settings.
- The ability to hide the QR code from Asset.
- Expose the customer's phone number to view details.
- A column with information to which company the customer is assigned.
- A checkbox to display all tickets assigned to the logged in user.

- Return to the previous approach in displaying notifications. After reading the notification, it stays in the same place and does not go down.

- Error when changing theme from dark to grey. Residual black theme.
- Appearance of the value element in configuration. Wrong gray background.
- Wrong background for the ticket pin - Format of the ticket number.
- Overlapping letters in system notifications in sidebar.
- Change the color of the buttons on the dark theme in the submission.
- Wrong colors in black Mint theme.
- Selecting the table size causes an error.
- The view on the DateScope displays incorrectly.
- Time tracking - scroll not in the right place.
- Bad CF Date appearance when "No Time" is turned off.
- Overlapping text editors.
- Bad appearance of notifications after expansion.
- Unable to edit client - error 403.
- Enlarged font of the message being transmitted in the tabular view in the ticket. preview.
- Infinite role modal height.
- Mint jams while inserting an emote.
- Incorrect setting of the administrator role when first starting mint.
- Automation - when selecting "ticket.attribute_dictionary_value" we get an error.


- The ability to show all text in a field with Text Area type.
- Create a filter in the notification relating to companies.
- The isHidden checkbox to a custom field.
- Extend the attachment size limit in admin settings.
- Total Tickets Number in Company view.
- The ability to monitor services.
- The ability to configure the extension of uploaded files to Mint.
- A history of action calls in Automation.

- Scroll color in black MINT from gray to Mint.
- The "Cancel" button to "Close" in the bulk actions.
- Change the default size of the right section in the ticket.
- Notice - appearance enhancement.

- Email prompting is not validated by the TAB key.
- Errors on "Customer Information" in Ticket.
- No basic filters on the Automation view.
- Ticket - it is not possible to add attachment.
- Custom fields in the right for notifications text goes outside the box.
- Poor appearance of the knowledge base with a large number of characters.
- Bad template styling, incorrect polish translation.
- Dictionary - no possibility to delete values when editing.
- Error popping up when opening asset.
- In the details of the ticket, the information is strewn about.
- Error when trying to create a contract.
- Monitoring and logger does not scroll properly after filtering.
- PDF - blanks in place of photos.
- Bad attachment styling on preview/edit asset.
- Can't write anything after adding an emoticon.
- No ability to set notifications in agent and customer profile.
- Incorrect signature search.
- White pages in gyms on a dark theme.
- Category in Knowledge Base looks ugly with lots of characters.
- Bad select-all styling in admin panel.
- A large number of widgets do not allow you to remove and move below.
- Edit user profile - text fields shrank when entering values.
- With a long name it cuts off the ability to change the title of the ticket.
- Problem in document templates - some docx do not go through.


- Improving the "Update SLA" mechanism.
- A setting to specify the type of ticket-ticket ticket-asset relationship.
- The ability to set a default Ticket Type and hiding the ticketType selector.
- Services to the knowledge base configuration.
- Compound dictionaries - Block the possibility of dragendrop.
- Option to Custom fields - whether the group should be expanded immediately.
- Refactore dashboards - query optimization on tickte search engines.

- Expand the contract browse to include sorting and search capabilities.
- Improvements in email parsing.
- Extend Ticket creation form configuration in admin settings with requirement fields.

- Improved appearance of dictionaries.
- Placeholders in title not working.
- Can't send email in create request and send option.
- Required checkbox does not work on date type.
- Incorrect display of User tickets table - it was moved by one field.
- Improvement in the appearance of activities - Notification content travels outside the container.
- Remove html from title of emails.
- Checkbox attribute fix - When tabbed view on ticket details, checkbox attribute has set at start, value assignment, which automatically generates change.
- Error with total number of requests - incorrectly displayed number of requests set up by user.
- 500 when adding sub attribute.

- Creating a filter - improving the appearance.
- Background preview misplaced during logo setup.
- Settings in admin - 500 when Time Tracker is enabled.
- Too long notification cuts off content.
- Frontline Problems in Ticket: Preview of created message in ticket - preview is too small.
- Display undefined in the console when changing status, request type, etc.
- Status change to InProgress not displayed.
- Misplaced field for removing widgets.
- Document templates and configuration search does not work.
- Cuts the tooltip in the knowledge base.


- New MINT Role - Read-only admin.
- New status and time of the SLA – Workaround.
- Users tile to log manager.
- Live reload on widgets.
- Icons for inserting signature and template, survey, attachment - creating a request with simultaneous sending of an email.
- Expand custom field when there are unfilled required fields.
- Display and ability to filter by Contract Type in the Contracts table.
- Expansion of reports with additional SLA fields.
- Custom field - when selected, hidden gray out and uncheck required.
- The ability to select email addresses using arrows.
- A step to the real number - how many numbers after the decimal point the real number should have.
- Determine order in message filters.
- Ability to display and sort by CreationDate in the SLA table.
- Extension of the "Update SLA" mechanism.
- Role allowing agent to access management of companies.
- A new field in notifications that will specify recipients by company.
- No emails when selecting recipients - squares with just "X".

- The search for companies and users - With a large number, the search engine works very slowly when creating a request.

- Fix automation no article model.
- Error when entering SLA in company settings.
- Bad appearance of geolocation attribute.
- Different sizes of the "User tickets" table.
- Disjointed view of the contracts table.
- Problem with priorities - When creating a ticket before you select a service, there is an option to select a priority However, once you select a service, the priorities disappear.
- Error when changing status.
- Action not allowed on dashboard.
- Error when pressing enters while typing title.
- Duplicating companies when saving a freshly created company.
- Error when editing SLA parameters.
- SLA parameter deletion error.
- "Enable for all company" checkbox in Contracts does not work.
- Notification does not work - Assignee Change.
- Text area on group view after editing doesn't let you save changes.
- Caption "true" when adding a survey.
- You have to press the arrow twice to display ticket details.
- Two services are missing from the logs - Users and System Tools.
- An agent can create a customer and give him admin rights.
- Default asset required when creating a ticket on a fresh installation of Mint.
- No Service and Priority in snippets.
- Customer having rights cannot edit Asset.
- Dashboard view of requests - last column cannot be expanded.
- Highlighting on sidebar reports and dashboard at the same time.
- Subscribed Receiver not working.
- Blank fields and no field translation in ticket creation form configuration for Reviewer role after clean installation.
- Errors in custom field pool type.