Mint Service Desk 3.2.14

Mint Service Desk 3.2.14

We are pleased to present our new version, Mint Service Desk Enterprise 3.2.14. We are convinced that our customers will be very satisfied. Certainly, the new features and improvements will help them in their daily operations.


The following list shows all the changes since the last public version 3.2.13. Now you can see what has been added and improved.


- Workflow for statuses - designating from which status you can switch to which status.

- Option to remove Sign Up and Forgot Password from the login screen.

- Email Search Optimization.

- Information about the message sender at the top of the article.

- Column on the dashboard with the email sender of the message.

- CC and BCC to create an email message.

- Metadata to forwarded messages.

- Enabling the expansion of the list of addressees from the contact group.

- Presentation of the date the message was sent/downloaded from the email inbox (rather than the date the ticket was created).

- Extend email search by entering last name or first name.

- Per user setting where the user chooses what default view (chat, tab) they have when they enter a ticket.

- "ticket.attribute_dictionary_value" to notification filters.

- Date of the user's last modification.

- Automation - filtering by two custom fields (ticket.first_attribute_dictionary_value and ticket.second_attribute_dictionary_value)


- Enable manual resizing of the WYSWIG window in the ticket preview (after placing focus in the overhang).

- Rename the create ticket button to create/send depending on the channel.

- Lazy loading filters (choices) on Agent dashboard.

- Optimization of notifications.

- Default behavior after entering reply writing to "reply all" - setting in admin settings.


- Edit signatures not working in admin.

- Error in console when entering ticket details.

- When entering the admin dashboard, a loader pops up at the very bottom.

- No guide in signatures.

- Error in the 'hideTicketViewLayout' console when accessing profile.

- Notification does not work - Assignee Change.

- Improved performance of subscribing receivers.

- Custom Field "Subscribed Receiver" is not working as it should.

- Bug fixes with editing and adding new reports.

- Articles by email do not go out.

- The drop-down menu in signatures is not on top.

- Ability to toggle the sidebar in the admin panel.

- When you scroll and click on the logo on the new sidebar, it does not open a new tab with the dashboard.

- Error 403 when trying to add a signature.

- Error when expanding report fields.

- Notices - bad looking radio and roles.reviewer.

- Default italics when writing Agent/Customer responses.

- Automation - disappearing services after saving.

- Automation - priorities do not display.

- On the small screen it cuts off the sidebar.

- When entering an email address, the subject and description of the request are deleted from the drop-down list.

- Total tickets - incorrect number of tickets.

- Reduce the font of dynamic-table headings.

- Statuses - with no statuses, there is no "Add" button.