Mint Service Desk 3.2.16

Mint Service Desk 3.2.16

We are pleased to present our new version, Mint Service Desk Enterprise 3.2.16. We are convinced that our Customers will be very satisfied. Certainly, the new features and improvements will help them in their daily operations.


  • Access Groups - They are used to define user accessibility to ticket data by the company and groups. Based on grouping users, companies and self created groups you can create structure of accessibility. There are two type of grouping relation: including & excluding
  • A setting to the email address for contact in the complaint - The purpose of this is to add a setting for the email address for the email response to the request. Depending on the setting, there will or will not be a visible email address for correspondence.
  • User signature placeholders - Adding placeholders from user custom fields.
  • Event custom field value changed - an automatic action whose task will be to change the person assigned to the application when the CF value is changed.
  • Automatic signature setting after selecting a queue when creating a request - Extend existing functionality to include the ability to automatically add a signature when a queue is selected/changed during the creation of a new ticket.
  • The column „Show on ticket details” to the Ticket Creation Form Configuration panel in Admin General Settings
  • Additional custom fields in company and company user that are displayed when creating a ticket


  • Approach to processing articles to improve efficiency.
  • Deselecting tickets on the dashboard after changing the tab - modification of the existing mechanism so that when the agent exits the dashboard it clears the list of selected notifications.
  • Upgrade of Font Awesome package version.
  • Update RabbitMQ image from version 3.8 to latest.
  • Adjustment of the function related to clearing the form after changing the company.
  • Possibility to close modal window by clicking outside of it.


  • Conditional fields fix - Conditional fields do not refresh when values are completed in dependent tickets
  • Fixing custom field search.
  • Fixing non-working filters on dashboard.
  • Fixing problem with loading chat view ticket - from time to time the content of the ticket does not load and has to be refreshed.
  • Fixing disappearing photos and graphics - when creating a relational ticket in the message body after entering the ticket they are visible for a fraction of a second, then disappear.
  • Fixing the default ticket type set in the user profile has no available services when creating a new request.
  • Unmarking of tickets after failed bulk action.
  • Re-selecting the queue does not add a signature.
  • No translation in Signature settings.
  • When opening a Ticket, Ticket details cannot be edited.
  • Unable to search for Polish characters.
  • Reply in Internal notes pass user data.
  • The search engine does not work for all selected fields on the dashboard.
  • Reminder cannot be removed.
  • Connection with company is not established in asset creation
  • Error in the console when selecting a date from the calendar
  • Contract Type option is missing when creating a new contract in the Company
  • Fixing errors with deleting a role assigned to a company
  • Fixing errors that appeared when filling out the survey
  • Fixing errors on Company preview screen in Ticket details
  • Fixing bug in the arrangement of additional statuses added within the same status group
  • Fixing bug with channel change on ticket details after hiding Customer Portal channel
  • Fixing errors with displaying required custom fields attached to specified paths in ticket creation
  • Fixing incorrect action while pressing Enter in „Name field” while creating new asset
  • Fixing incorrect data display in ticket creation while choosing Company and Company User
  • Fixing too many data downloads in ticket details which caused system overload
  • Fixing incorrect size of Ticket Relation Type field in Ticket Details
  • Fixing incorrect display of Asset Menu in all subsections of Admin General Settings
  • Fixing missing placeholders in some Ticket Details fields
  • Fixing errors with custom fields restricted to service while creating tickets
  • Fixing „Automation” translation in Polish in Monitoring (Logs section)
  • Fixing errors while changing assigned Company in Ticket creation
  • Fixing „Ticket type” column name display on dashboard
  • Section Signature Settings in Agent profile settings - fixing translation of „Save” button in Polish
  • Fixing error on saving group related to contract
  • Fixing errors in Notifications while choosing values in Filters section
  • Fixing the inhabity to lower the signature containing snippet in textbox in Ticket Tetails
  • SLA Section in Edit Company window – fixing incorrect error message while trying to save Create New Parameters window without fill required fields