Mint Service Desk 3.2.6

Mint Service Desk 3.2.6

We are pleased to present our new version, Mint Service Desk Enterprise 3.2.6. We are convinced that our customers will be very satisfied. Certainly, the new features and improvements will help them in their daily operations.


The following list shows all the changes since the last public version 3.1.7. Now you can see what has been added and improved.

Version 3.2.6


- Second administrator role with read-only rights.

- Optimization of the mailing process.

- Introduce functional requirements for handling "report to verify" requests.

- Dictionary view refactor.

- Filter in the notification related to companies.

- Moving the reopen function from autoresponder to tickets and adding blocking the opening of closed tickets.

- Closing related tickets.

- Improved appearance of tabs in ticket details.

- Automation - action creating a ticket.

- Translation to Agent signature.



- Fonts improvement.

- Error while creating assets and contracts.

- Side bar error.

- Error when inactive for a long time on the request page.

- Stop after match in message filters stops even after no filter is applied.

- Errors in dictionares.

- Deleting the date erroneously works.

- Two 500 errors in contracts.

- No translation when exporting a ticket to PDF.

- Empty CF values on ticket view (race-condition).

- Error message when saving mailbox.

- Unable to add an attribute to a group in Assets.

- Projected text - Priorities.

- 500 error when trying to set rights for aqueue.

- 500 error when trying to add Ticket Realtion in User fields.

- Creating a new ticket based on an existing article.

- Problem with switching from Ticket Types permissions to Ticket Types.

- White text boxes on a dark MINT theme.

- 500 error during high volume of ticket closures.

- Duplicated groups on application details.

- 500 error when changing ticket Type.

- Wrong location of export buttons.

- Error related to switching between tabs.

- Protruding text - automation.

- Bug in ticket view [id undefined].

- Ticket Details not displayed [404].

- Messages do not download automatically from the mailbox.

- 500 error in dictionaries.


Version 3.2.5


- Changing the dynamic autocomplete field.

- Bulk Action queue authority.

- A queue to components.

- Checkboxes to allow all read and edit role checkboxes to be selected.

- Set the default language when installing the system.

- Possibility to specify the width of the side panel.



- Error while adding/modifying dictionary.

- Select with number of pages is cropped.

- Names in custom fields go outside the box.

- Notice - text that is too long goes outside the box.

- Non-functional custom fields dependency inticket details.

- Problem with switching from Ticket structure to Tickets permissions.

- Problem with displaying a ticket when there are a lot of custom fields.

- Front-end errors in the contract.

- No translation in Contract types.

- Bad looking statuses.

- 500 error when trying to generate a pdf.

- Errors in Polish export naming.

- No highlighting of tiles in the company.

- 500 error when trying to search for a user.

- Dictionary and date from custom fields do not work in reports.

- Automation - Schedule - Filtering by fields does not work.

- Problem when sending emails.

- Cutting off the tooltip.

- No tooltip in custom fields - Notifications.

- No display of data in a saved widget.

- Tooltip not disappearing on long firefox names.

- Problem with user replication.


Version 3.2.4


- Add Last Login Date to the user view.

- Show limits for attachments.

- Reports - bulk custom fields filtering.

- Ability to set service as a mandatory field when creating a new ticket.

- A check mark to automation.

- Hide the Pin Customer modifier when creating a new ticket.

- Export of queue permissions to CSV.

- Code for queues.

- Mail accounts to email filters.

- Collective actions - assign to / add assign to a queue selected from the list.

- Autocomplete to the recipient field in the ticket view.



- Changing the login method when there is an attempt to log in from an external source with two mutually exclusive roles.

- Modify the layout appearance of the submission details.



- Fix the appearance of the ticket number on the ticket preview.

- Error while trying to create email Box with connection after OAuth2.

- Adding Gmail mailbox does not work.

- There is no step in numscope.

- Filters from users report move to tickets report grouping.

- No custom fields spacing in contracts.

- No custom fields when editing a component.

- Error with columns on dashboard.

- Slow adding of comments.

- Adding a lot of values spoils the front end in notifications.

- Show less, arrow in wrong direction.

- 403 error when trying to add a phone number.

- Numscope has two buttons.

- Custom fields search in users does not work.

- Blank field in report view.

- An error occurs while trying to create a report - visibility.

- Bad looking numscope in a dark theme.

- Too long ticket error number is displayed on ticket preview.

- Automation does not work in the absence of filters.

- Conditional attributes mechanism not working.

- Error displaying compound dictionaries.

- Errors during autoresponder configuration and during autoresponder operation.

- Dashboard does not refresh without an agent assigned.

- SSO login without email address - an appropriate message will be displayed.

- Illegible services for Complaint/Problem report type.

- Error while passing on.

- FAQ attachments are not replaced with images in details/ No preview view.


Version 3.2.3


- Automatically close the request after a specified time has elapsed.

- Sorting queues.

- Custom fields in document templates.



- No spacing in contracts.

- 400 error when trying to create a template.

- Error related to Custom fields while editing an asset.

- Mail notification to your name mailbox when you create a message in an Internal Discussion.


Version 3.2.2


- LastSuccessAccess property to Account model and adding translation for UI.

- Last login date to users.

- Crud to generate counters.

- Improve quote to email on signatures.

- Dasboard refreshing after a ticket status change.

- Mail as hidden copy.



- Inline attachments in mail body.

- Reminder repair.

- 500 error when pressing Company user in ticket retailis.

- Deleting preferences several times results in 500 error.

- Redundant tabs on queues and assets view.

- Multiplication of email messages.

- Export to PDF, downloads wrongly subject.

- Problem with autoresponder - pingpong.

- Reporting not working.

- Attachment does not go through.


Version 3.2.1


- Referring to users on the ticket creation screen.

- Default ticket search settings.



- Logging on user without roles.



- Two front-end bugs (queues and notifications).

- Service field does not reload after changing ticket type.

- Name change for creating a new ticket from an attribute.

- PDF printing wrong article title.


Version 3.2.0


- Signatures.

- Custom fields for place holders in the notification template.

- Endpoint to create asset collection with custom field values.

- Table control with dynamic switching to CSV.

- Microservice for migration.

- Additional "subscribers" field.

- User custom fields to Reports.

- Ability to clear a non-mandatory field.

- New attribute - checkbox.

- Filter last modification date.

- Fields last modification users in Tickets service.

- New email filter fields.

- Ability to edit company user data by agent.

- Rewriting notifications to another owner in the event of an absence from work.

- Custom fields in columns and Hide/showfilter bar in Asset Management.

- Implementation of last modification users filters.

- Radio type.



- Optimization of the mailing process.

- Adjustment of Attribute Receivers field to new version.

- Reorganization of Ticket Pattern Fields.

- Appearance of the pattern generation widget.

- Bringing the database, rabbit and reverse proxy out of the containers.

- Modify page layout.



- Requirements from the queue field infilters.



- Re-closing of tickets.

- Deleting channels does not save.

- Fixing the ticket number patterna appearance

- No value for Text Area.

- Real number does not fully work in conditional.

- Error downloading customer information to ticket.

- Problem when adding filters in reports.

- Error deleting custom fields when used in Conditional attributes.

- Ticket error in relation on ticket view.

- Error loading tickets on dashboard (firefox).

- Disjointed ticket form - customer view.

- Bad look in Multigeo.

- Scroll outside the window.

- The new ticket created is read from the beginning.

- Error while starting authorization service.

- Ugly design in adding an email account.

- Blank fields in the Tickets -> Components snippet.

- Dashboard slider on the big screen.

- There is no Create button when creating a new asset.

- No queue spacing.

- Front sidebar error.

- Error reports in "Can View".

- White line on user profile.

Version 3.1.8


- Bug fix when entering user profile.

Version 3.1.7


- Fixed ability to add a mailbox - Gmail.

- Fixed pending reminder.