Mint Service Desk 3.2.8

Mint Service Desk 3.2.8

We are pleased to present our new version, Mint Service Desk Enterprise 3.2.8. We are convinced that our customers will be very satisfied. Certainly, the new features and improvements will help them in their daily operations.


The following list shows all the changes since the last public version 3.2.7. Now you can see what has been added and improved.

Version 3.2.8


- Unnecessary request when changing pagination.

- Administrator account does not have Write permission when initializing database.

- No descriptions when creating a new CF type.

- Custom Fields values get deleted on user profile.

- Failure to add, edit or delete a category child in Knowledge Base and Queues.

- No queue/ticket type information.

Version 3.2.7


- Document templates user fields.

- An automation action that changes the queue for a ticket.

- In bulk actions possibility to change the Type.

- Increase the window with the list of available statuses.

- Information about the number of requests to customer details.


- Editing the status of a request results in the insertion of the assigned person.


- Description in dictionaries does not display.

- Requests are sent while the channel is being filled.

- Fix for searching tickets by Specified period.

- Text not translated when selecting "Print QR" option - customer and agent profile.

- Error while removing pool from custom fields.

- No translation in Document Template.

- No translation when exporting Asset to PDF profile customer.

- Multichoice displays only one value.

- Unable to select company when creating ticket.

- Filter search does not work in reports.

- Fix lack of access to several places from agent and customer level.

- Mail parsing - when ticket Type does not have read/update privileges.

- Changing polish characters in the name of the linked .docx document - Document Templates.

- Bug in email filters.

- Recipient field in e-mail channel - full list is saved.

- No possibility to set image as login page background.

- Unable to set date when creating Notices.

- Problems with Date in Automation - Time Trigger.