Mint Service Desk 3.3.0

Mint Service Desk 3.3.0

We are pleased to present our new version, Mint Service Desk Enterprise 3.3.0. We are convinced that our Customers will be very satisfied. Certainly, the new features and improvements will help them in their daily operations.


• New functionality: File Repository

• New functionality: Customer Portal

• New functionality: Merge Tickets in ticket details

• New custom field type "Existing," enabling data sharing with another field

• Closed date column in the dashboard

• My Tickets section on the sidebar

• Printing a single article from a ticket

• Transitioning from the RawRabbit library to EasyNetQ.

• Enhanced user profile signature management.

• Addition of logs during email retrieval

• Addition of Redis cache to the Mint application

• Active plugin module

• Addition of an "Active" checkbox to LDAP configuration

• Compression of bundled files with GULP for file download optimization

• Ability to send reports to any email address

• New Contracts section in Reports

• User anonymization capability

• New notifications for contracts

• Attachment preview feature in reports

• Elastic Search engine (option) in ticket search

• Reporting of other users' work time in Spent Time

• Possibility to remove dictionaries

• Ability to define password policies for users


• Hiding surveys behind a feature flag

• Improved operation of settings in agency roles

• Survey service optimization

• Knowledge Base optimization

• Change in the appearance of the "New" button in the system

• Improvements in Reports

• Optimization of notification appearance on the agent and customer profiles

• Number of requests on ticket details has been reduced

• Improved button display in modals

• Migration of services to .net6

• Addition of identity providers to Feature Flag


• Removal of Internal Notes entries from exported PDF reports

• Removal of the Facebook Channel service


• Inability to add recipients in notifications without adding an email channel

• Incorrect time zone in reports exported to .xls/.csv files

• Correction of minor typos in reports

• Translation improvements in Settings

• Blank data save notifications in custom fields

• Unable to establish relationships in contracts

• Incorrect substitution of services for customers

• Errors in time trigger automation

• Editing and saving changes in Document Templates creates a new entry

• Incorrect creation of relationships in assets

• Fixed file extension settings fields in admin Settings

• SLA Update time does not stop despite correct settings

• Minor typos in the admin role

• Lack of notifications about incorrect attachments added to assets

• Non-functioning clear button in the Hypertext field

• Incorrect loading of groups in ticket details

• Errors during custom field export

• "Search by" field in calendar on administration site

• Error in validating incorrect fields when creating a survey

• Error when deleting all attachments when creating a ticket

• Error in agent role export

• Few unhighlighted required fields in the admin profile

• Unable to delete notifications from the dashboard in some cases

• Adding an empty article in ticket details

• Profile completion indicator does not reach 100%

• "AlertDate" field does not work correctly in User and Companies

• Incorrect tab switching in queues

• Incorrectly working checkbox-type custom field in the pool

• Notifications - Missing Status snippet

• Visibility of Administrators and Agents tabs in Users by an Agent

• Improperly functioning Exclusions feature in the calendar

• Improved multichoice dictionaries with patterns

• Creating a contract takes you to the Edit contract screen after saving

• Bad appearance with a large number of attachments on ticket creation window