What if your company is still using the outdated OTRS Community Edition?

What if your company is still using the outdated OTRS Community Edition?

OTRS AG informed all its customers that at the beginning of 2021 it will stop developing and supporting its two flagship products: OTRS 6 and OTRS Community Edition 6. This situation made most companies think about a different, effective solution for managing reports. Which tool should you choose? Which software not only provides all the most important functionalities of OTRS Community Edition, but also completely new and personalized?

What is OTRS?

OTRS stands for Open-source Ticket Request System, which is software that allowed the organization to operate the ticketing system. Both Service Desk and Helpdesk could be the ticket handling tool. Due to such software, it was possible to communicate efficiently with both internal and external clients. The main communication scheme in the OTRS-based system was based on notifications, called tickets, through which questions, requests for help, orders, complaints and breakdowns were reported. In 2018, OTRS created a version of the software called OTRS Community Edition.

How did OTRS Community Edition work?

The OTRS Community Edition system focused on queues where reports of various problems were collected. Queues were most often created based on various products for which the company provided services and support. What's more, this OTRS system made it possible to forward individual notifications to selected queues based on specific rules, e.g. keywords in the content or topic.

Each registered report was handled by an Agent who had access to the full conversation and the course of the case. The report contained the history of communication between the users and the Agents assigned to them. It was also possible to mark subsequent questions to the same thread, view the status of the discussion, or mark the owners of the thread.

Which system is the best replacement for OTRS Community Edition?

Due to the completion of the OTRS Community Edition update, many companies are looking for a solution that would have all its existing functions, but at the same time was tailored to the individual and constantly changing needs of users. The best ticket management system that provides the most important functions of OTRS Community Edition is Mint Service Desk.

Mint Service Desk is a certified ITSM system with the following options:

- Ticket management, which gives you the ability to customize notifications to identify incidents and resolve issues as quickly as possible.

- Resource management, allows you to store any data categories, monitor resources and optimize ITSM processes using the CMDB database.

- Advanced SLA, having the function of setting reminders about the elapsed time for the implementation of the request and the prioritization of tasks in the case of a very large number of notifications.

- Automatic resource identification and network discovery, immediate access to complete and up-to-date data.

- A knowledge base where users will find answers to basic questions about problems related to the system.

The advantage of the Mint Service Desk software is flexibility, simplicity and intuitiveness of use, as well as the possibility of configuration and adaptation to individual needs. Learn more about the functionality of the ticket management system and provide your company with the best notification system.

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