Mint Service Desk 3.2.15

Mint Service Desk 3.2.15

We are pleased to present our new version, Mint Service Desk Enterprise 3.2.15. We are convinced that our Customers will be very satisfied. Certainly, the new features and improvements will help them in their daily operations.


The following list shows all the changes since the last public version 3.2.14. Now you can see what has been added and improved.


- An "X" field in the search engine on the dashboard, which is used to clear the search field.

- Status change filtering configuration in automated tasks.

- User profile - ability to select preferred/default queue and ticket type when creating a new ticket/email request.

- "Reset time after ticket repoen" option, which will count SLA from scratch after reopen status.

- Ticket creation screen - possible configuration to change order of Ticket/E-mail tabs.

- Copy attachments when inheriting values in an existing article. When a ticket is created from an article in which there are some attachments, they will be included in the new ticket.

- Blocking the ability to close relational tickets when a subtask is closed.

- Agent's signature when creating a new ticket.

- The display of relationships in the details of the ticket.

- Duplicate buttons: reply, reply to all, and forward on ticket preview.

- The default behavior of clicking on a reply.

- An "Auto reassigne on reply" option in the admin panel, which allows you to automatically assign an agent to a ticket after a reply or not.

- A setting in the administration - use/don't use assets in the system - then the icons for assets and my assets disappear from the customer portal and agent view.

- The ability to retrieve messages from a folder other than the inbox in GraphAPI.

- Display SLA time in a different format. (days, hours, minutes, seconds, instead of just hours, minutes and seconds).

- Force escalation, which relies on the fact that the customer, after some time, can admonish the escalation of their request.


- Expansion of the new ticket tab to include ticket relationships.

- Improving the front end in modals.


- Facebook channel shows up when access to facebook is disabled.

- Signatures and contact groups do not display.

- Edit signature on admin doesn't work.

- Unable to save changes after editing contract.

- Notification on Ticket.Subscibed,Receiver does not link response to ticket.

- SLA does not appear in the notification.

- Enter on search does not work.

- Incorrect display of SLA parameters in the contract preview.

- Error when editing LDAP configuration.

- Notifications going off-screen.

- Bad looking front end on the asset preview.

- Errors in the sidebar console.

- Enter on the dashboard does not work after "@".

- Users Role - throws errors in console.

- "Undefined" when replying to Autoresponse.

- Malfunctioning "Filter by" on the dashboard.

- No placeholders when creating a ticket via Email.

- Bad modal display from bulk actions.

- Errors on settings assets.

- Attachment type .msg does not go to Mint via email message.

- Not accommodating PendingAutoClose in Polish - status.

- When creating a request through "Email Request", the wrong channel is set.

- Internal notes and customer portal cannot be created - error 400.

- User information in tabular view not working.

- Bad appearance of the ticket preview, when shrinking the screen.

- Bad-looking number of notifications.

- Can't change language on admin.

- Error 500 when trying to remove a contract from a company.

- Discard draft does not remove the title.

- Ticket export to pdf does not work.

- Fixing the modal when closing tickets.

- Wrong display of dictionaries in the report.

- When changing the ticket type, the tab groups remain in view.

- Forward puts the email in the TO field.

- Multiple reopenings of the ticket.

- Problem with internal notes - appearance of unnecessary data.

- Displaying "LDAP" in lowercase.